I agree with everyone else about the quality of work done by Jireh Tree Care. It's a family owned and operated business. My neighbors refused to trim their oak trees that encroach on my roof. Freddy came promptly with a reasonable quote and his team did the agreed upon work, quickly and thoroughly. The trees were trimmed appropriately as oak is a protected species. The manicured trees look like something you would expect in Disneyworld, so perfect. It really opened up my backyard to more sunlight and less yard work. I'd recommend this family company to any individual or business that needs tree work. I found this company via Yelp. I will definitely look to Yelp more for my other house-related needs.

Ellen H.

I highly recommend working with Freddy and Manuel. I called them for an estimate to trim a black olive tree and cut down a large area of overgrown Brazilian pepper trees and they did a great job. They both came for the initial consultation and were thorough about what they can remove and how long the job will take. They showed up on time the day they said they were coming, which right there in itself deserves high ratings, then did everything we had agreed to and removed all the debris and left my yard clean. I'm very happy with what they did and will definitely use them again. Their price was much better than my other estimates and the quality of work was great. They didn't even get my pool dirty. They're awesome.

Cindy W.

Thank you Freddy, Manuel and his crew for removing the stumps and planting 3 palm trees last week. They were efficient and came prepared with proper equipment. Furthermore, they took the precaution of protecting nearby windows and advised us to remove the cars to prevent any flying debris that may cause any damages. The price was reasonable, and they did an excellent job from start to end. This company was recommended by a close friend of ours and I have already passed the referral to someone els

Ceci C.

I found Jireh on yelp. I called the company and within hours was met at my house for a tree and bush removal estimate - which was an incredibly fair price. On the day of the work, everyone showed up 15 minutes early - a rarity in Miami. They were careful about powerlines, cleaned up more than adequately after the job, and were very courteous - I could not have asked for more. My neighbor even came over and wanted an estimate from them right away after he saw the good job. Within 30 minutes after they left, I received a call to make sure that everything went well. Thank you Freddy and crew!!

Jennifer S.

Remove Trees
They did a very good job. They were prompt and efficient.

Samuel L.

Project: Remove Trees
The Jireh Tree Care team were professional and friendly. The service was great and the price was fair. the team even went so far as to check back with me after the job was done to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. My neighbors actually commented to me the day after at how impressed they were at the level of safety and professionalism demonstrated Jireh Tree Service during my tree removal service. I would recommend them.

Eugene S.

Project: Remove Trees
Jireh Tree Care did an amazing job on my tree removal and yard clean up. They were efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Caroline A.

Project: Trim Trees
Jireh Tree Care arrived for the estimate and the job on time. However, they had to return a second time because there were some corrections that needed to be made. The team promptly returned the following day and did a spectacular job! I was very pleased with the work product, professionalism and courtesy. I would definitely use their services again.


Project: Remove Trees - For Business
Very neat and courteous

Frank S.

Project: Install Sod
The scheduling was a little frustrating but when they did come they were extremely fast and did the job well. I wish I could've gotten more advice on how to take care of though, when I asked he said to call his brother. Oh well! Overall a job well done.


Project: Trim Trees
I had root pruning and tree trimming of a large oak tree in my front side yard that was lifting my driveway. The team was very professional and did a great job pruning my roots and trimming the canopy of the tree.

Candice O.

Project: Remove Trees
friendly and professional.


Project: Trim Trees
They were very professional, they knew about the best way to trim the trees and still make them look natural and healthy, the work was done to my complete satisfaction and the price was unbeatable. I would recommend this company without reservation.

Rafael A.

Project: Trim Trees
I want thank Jirech for guys cuming u did a great job


Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
Roger and Freddy (the owners) came out to give me an estimate on trimming some small trees and cutting 3 story tall bamboo in half. Based on the budget I gave them they offered several options and worked with me in order to get exactly what I wanted and still stay within a reasonable price. Their expertise and professionalism made me feel very comfortable working with them. They showed up on time the day the work was scheduled and didn't leave until the work was completely done. The fact that they gave me a reasonable price, had a good attitude, were very professional and were on time, makes this company stand out among the rest (especially in Miami). I will definitely recommend them, and I will be calling them again for other jobs I have planned. Couldn't ask for a better company to hire.

Angel S.


Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
They are a family owned and operated business. They take their work seriously,. If they say they are going to do something they do and they don't leave the premises until you are happy.

James K.

Oak tree removal from my back yard
Excellent work! Very professional. The crew of three people perform extremely well, they demonstrated extremely knowledge on handling the equipment with outmost professionalism and safety during the very large tree removal. All the job performed exactly as promised and according to the quote with very fair cost.

Israel A.

Coral Haven Association, Inc.We have ten extra large bischofias trees that needed triming, we asked for estimates, and Jireh came back with the lowest price. Did and excellent job, very caring and always in a professional matter. We will use them in the future. For any inquiers, please feel free to ask us.

Coral H.



Tree trimmingI am very impressed with their professionalism and courteousness, and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs tree trimming, cutting or any work related to lawn maintainance.

Juan A.

I contacted Jireh Tree Care to get a couple tall Mahogany trees trimmed and a few stumps removed. I had already gotten other estimates, but Jireh provided a fair estimate that I could agree to. It was impressive that they had a bucket truck to trim the top of the tree as well as an industrial strength stump remover. It was a professionally done job from top to bottom and I can highly recommend them for future tree trimming services to my friends and family.

Sammy F.